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Rider Updates

Jan 31 2009

Well I did race the first of the racer X vet series last spring. But career changes and my wife going back to school (awesome!!) sidelibed my racing for 08. CMJ raceway is putting on a 5 race series for 2009 and Ill be there in force! All new plan, and ready for action!!!! See ya there!!!!!

Apr 28 2008

Looking to try the Racer X vet series this year.

Jul 26 2007

Chris from CMJ Raceway once again put on a very good show at the Columbia County fair July 25th. Action was running thick in every class as the racing was tight and fast.

Jun 6 2007

I would like to thank Chris Halverson and LEE @ On The Pipe racing for donating A HJC helmet to the top performing 2 stroke of the day. Very nice helmet, Thanks a bunch!!!!!

May 28 2007

Awesome day at CMJ, had a good fight from Ed Smulders in Vet B. Went 1-1 on the day.

May 19 2007

Awesome track and tons of fun, the hills are as steep as they come!! Holeshot my first moto and lead all the way to the checkers, even caught some vet A guys!! Second didnt fare so well as my start was not very pleasing, I managed to get past all but two riders on the first uphill straight and chased #186 all the way to the end, by the way, good run #186!! Looking forward to next week end at CMJ Raceway in hixton!!

Apr 13 2007

First time racing at Aztalan turned out better than I expected! Lots of good competition and it was definetly cold!! But overall a very good race day indeed. Went 3-1 for the overall win. Feels pretty good to get a win so soon. As before, My knee is doing good so it should shape up to be an awesome season! Id like to thank my wife Diana and my daughter Amy for all their support, I couldnt do it with out them!

Apr 3 2007

Looking forward to racing Vet B this year. This will be my last year in that class. Thanks to my wife Diana for keeping it going and she really does a great job!!