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Personal History

I'm basically your average teenage girl... I just like to get dirty. Motocross is the highlight of my life, if I were forced to live without it I would never be happy again. I'm very dedicated and love to ride whenever possible. I don't mind getting dirty at all, I love working on my bike and even cars with my dad and uncle. I cannot stand sitting around and doing nothing; I have to constantly be doing something useful. My friends are very important to me, I love them dearly. I'm a sophmore in high school and an honor roll student. My education is important to me and I get along with almost everyone, mostly because I don't judge and i'm very nice. Being mean is just not in my genes.

Riding Goals

My goals for the coming year are mainly to just master my bike. Moving up from the 100 to the 125 was a big change and i'm just getting used to it. I'm going to be working on my speed and jumps a LOT. Oh, and really laying it down in the corners. I'm not expecting to be winning much just yet, although i'm definitely still going to try because I WANT to and the drive is there. All in all just having fun and increasing my speed.

Competitive Highlights

I only have a few competitive highlights at this point. The biggest would have to be my winning of the title for 2010 Indiana state championship because it was my first racing season ever. I came into the season on top, and although the amount of competetors was low, I was amazed how I managed to get such an achievement so quickly. Other than that would have to be the last state race of the state race series at Hangtime. I was racing against three other girls but from the beginning it was between me and one other girl. This girl, I had heard, was one of the best and did mostly Michigan races so I hadnt raced her before. I knew she was good and my goal was to stick with her. And boy, did I. We were neck-in-neck the entire race. I rode my hardest ever here and set a whole new level for myself. (This race was the one that proved I had outgrown the 100 and needed more power.. 125) She ended up winning by about two seconds. I was a bit upset but I felt really good because here was a girl who had been racing since she was a toddler, at least seven years, and I almost beat her. Those two are about it, and I hope to make more memories like them.