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Personal History

found motocross when I was 12 years old, after trying every other stick and ball sport. Motocross was a steep learning curve for me and my family, however it was a welcomed challenge and brought a level of self accountability I loved. I was able to start winning at a regional level after a couple of years and progressed through the intermediate ranks quickly. My first pro season came after just 5 years of riding. Since then I have learned an immense amount about the industry, training, and sponsor relations. Riding for Kourtney Lloyd and the Cycle North team the past two seasons has elevated my program to a competitive level in the Mx1 450 class in Canada. I have achieved top 10’s, hole shots, and a glimpse at front, where I know I belong.

Riding Goals

For this upcoming Season I will be riding for the Cycle North Honda team again. I will be competing in the Canadian Triple Crown Series in the MX1 class, with plans of trying to hitting a couple AMA Supercross/Motocross races.

Competitive Highlights

9th in MRC Triple Crown Supercross

12th in MRC Triple Crown Nationals