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Rider Updates

Mar 17 2019

This weekend was the best ever.  I came into the weekend knowing that all I had to do was keep it on two wheels to keep winning.  I led with points in my age group and was only leading by six points in my supermini class.  I ended up winning the overall for the whole season in both classes!  It was so cool and one of the best feelings ever to know that all the hard work i put into it actually showed! Thank you so much to everyone for always being there for me.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Dec 5 2018

AZ Open was Awesome! We went there hoping to be in the teens. First practice was the best of ever done at national event. I hit all the doubles the first lap. All the rhythm sections. Even went for a huge triple. Cased it but I tried. Then during a small turn I fell. No biggie. Got back up and kept going. Second practice of the day, my bottom end locked up. My awesome friend let me ride his bike for race day. A kx85. It felt really weird and everything on it felt wrong. I count get used to it at all. The rest is history. I didn't do well at all. Thank you to all my sponsors for supporting me even through rough times.

Aug 19 2018

Finally back on my bike.  I was really tired after my first moto!  I have to get back in shape to get strong again.  Really looking forward to AZ Open. 3rd in my Age class. 4th in 85 open( fun class) and 5th in Supermini.  Thank you to all my sponsors for being awesome.  

Jun 10 2018

Trained with Ryan Hughes!!!!!!!!  He was awesome!  We worked on perfecting body position.  He helped me ride smoother a long with other trainers I've had in the past.  I can't wait to train again!

Feb 17 2018

Training with Justin Buckelew for 3 days! Trained at Arizona Cycle Park Saturday and Sunday. Then Canyon MX on Monday. Had an awesome time!! Learned a lot more about body positioning. I feel faster than ever. Turns are faster and more comfortable. Can't wait to train with him again.

Dec 2 2017

Arizona Open!!! Amazing time. Had a great chance to watch real fast riders. Had a bad crash on practice day. The scars on my lower stomach made it hard to race. I raced anyways but it wasn't easy. I want to practice harder to get better and faster. 28th over was good for me but I could have finished under 20 for sure.

Nov 19 2017

Tulie MX! My starts were awesome! Up in the front every time. 1 hole shot. Did fall a couple of times making me fall behind the pack. Finished third in my age class. Beat the ktm kid again on my completely stock yz85. Working hard for Arizona open. Can't wait.

Nov 12 2017

This weekend at Moriarty we worked on both arenacross and Motocross. If I could live at that track it would be awesome! I was on a stock 85 smoking a KTM kid that used to be better and faster than me. I hope to keep getting better and better. Now to get ready for Arizona Open.

Sep 18 2017

This weekend at Moriarty MX was a lot of fun. Made a lot of new friends. Race day I finished 3rd in my age class. And I have been working really had for that spot. I finished 2nd in 85 open and 1st in supermini. Can't wait to do it again.

Sep 3 2017

Thank you to all my sponsors for 2017 and those who are willing to keep me for another year. Today we are at Moriarty MX in New Mexico. It's a great day! Practicing with the 250s on my 150r. Then right after practicing with my 85. A lot of work today but it's worth it. Thank you again to everyone for supporting me.

Aug 6 2017

Kicker arenacross in carlsbad was a great time. My friends did awesome as well. It was fun for everyone.

Jul 14 2017

Thank you to all my sponsors. You guys have been awesome! Missing out on some serious arena cross action in Gallup NM. Visiting the the family in Mississippi for a couple of weeks. Cant wait to ride again.

Jul 2 2017

Practice Motos at Moriarty were a good time. Had to practice on my crf150r. Still waiting on parts to rebuild my yz85 but the 150 was a good time.

Jul 1 2017

Had fun riding a different track today. Put in some good work and then right after went to the pool. It was an awesome day. Headed to Moriarty MX tomorrow to ride some more!

Jun 19 2017

Training with Ivan "Hotsauce" Tedesco was really awesome. Learned more about turns and my form. I will be looking forward to training with them again. Races on Sunday were a lot of fun. My training from Friday really showed and I was really happy to push myself to hit different jumps on the track. Finished 7th overall on my age class. Those younger kids are no joke FAST. I'll be that good one day. I will just keep working on it.

Jun 14 2017

Excited for my training at Moriarty MX on Friday. Training Friday. Practice on Saturday. Then, Motos on Sunday. Awesome weekend ahead.

Jun 3 2017

Arenacross was Awesome!!!! My buddy got his first Hole shot ever and it felt awesome to watch it happen. Placed second in my age group 9-11. Then placed 3rd in beginner class. These kids are fast. But we will keep working to be better than them.

May 14 2017

Last race of the season at Tulie MX was awesome. Placed first in my age group 7-11. I was also the only one in my class this time :). Also raced schoolboy 1 and I definitely had them worried. I almost finished 2nd in the second moto. Hole shots against the older kids is getting so close. Came around the corner in second every time. It will be mine very soon.

May 12 2017

Been riding through the week after school. The last race at Tulie MX is this weekend. Thinking about racing the 150 for fun.

Apr 23 2017

Moriarty MX was hard. Saturday was muddy and really nasty. Super slippery with huge ruts. Sunday was better. Dried up some and we were finally able to ride without worrying too muchabout the nasty ruts or slippery mud. I need a lot more practice to be stronger at this track. I love it.

Mar 11 2017

Just got back from practice and did good the first practice and sloly got better and better for each practice!

Mar 5 2017

Shannon Niday training was amazing! So much knowledge. Learned a lot. Have to change a couple of things I've been doing wrong but I don't mind. It will make me better! If anyone has the chance to take his classes, do it. I can't wait to do it all over again. Now to get ready for TulieMx next weekend.

Feb 5 2017

Racing this weekend was awesome! Almost got my first Hole Shot during the schoolboy 1 race. Second place for beginner and 5th for school boy 1 overall. Very good weekend. No longer racing beginner. Excited and nervous.

Jan 21 2017

Went snowboarding today!!! Really great time!

Jan 18 2017

Been doing a lot of riding since arena cross. Practice at Tulie was fun but races on Sunday got cancelled for bad weather. Our team has been working really hard to get better.

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