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Personal History

My name is Ethan Hansford and I love motocross. I try to practice at least twice a week and race at least twice a month. This is my first full year racing and i have some pretty high goals. This year I have been to the Northeast and Southeast area qualifiers for Loretta Lynn's and so far so good, I made it in both. I hope to make it to Loretta's and Mini O's. I work hard in shool and my grades are good. If you are considering me for sponsorship, I will work hard to make a good showing everywhere we go and try to make all of my sponsors as proudi as my parents are.

Riding Goals

This year I will be racing the Carolina Ultra Series, which looks pretty competitive this year. A lot of new tracks for me by I will try my best. I am working hard to make Loretta's. Ever day I look at pictures of the track. I would also like to go to the Mini O's and right now it looks like we will be able to.

Competitive Highlights

I have raced quite a few races so far and I am very happy with what I have done. I have been to an arenacross race and finished second my only try. I have been to different races around North and South Carolina and have finished every one. I have won a few and finished close to the top in most of the rest. I srarted on my little Honda and now am racing my Cobras, man what a difference.