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Personal History

I’ve been riding competitively for about six months and I made quite a bit of a name for myself I’ve gotten first in a couple events and third in a couple events in a couple second places which is pretty good for six months of just racing but I would like to get better you know would love to have some sponsors because I think that is really cool but if I work hard I know I will get them and every time I go to the track I will always put on your percent forward every time I race because I think it is very fun.


Riding Goals

I would love to get first place and it open supermini and  a first place in a schoolboy one class and be able to get a couple sponsors under my belt I think that would be a really cool.

Competitive Highlights

I have gotten third and open super many and I’ve gotten a couple first places and 85 beginner class and a couple thirds and 85 beginner class in school boy one class I have gotten a couple second places in 1 3rd Pl.