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Personal History

Hello, I’m Ethan Robinson, I’m 17 years old and I race dirtbikes. I focus on multiple aspects of track racing including; Arenacross, Supercross and Motocross. I race in the 250 Junior class, 450 Junior class and now the College Boy class. I take racing fairly seriously but still keep it fun and enjoy training throughout the week and absolutely love lining up on the weekends! I also enjoy helping/guiding younger or less experienced riders. My main goal in racing is to qualify for Loretta’s as an amateur and to qualify for Washougal and Seattle Supercross in my future career. Racing has become my passion over the last several years. I’ve rode since I was around 5 years old and always was excited to watch Supercross. In recent years I’ve been able to work towards my dream of someday lining up under the lights of an AMA Supercross race. I’ve been training with several professionals in the sport such as; Brian Marty, Chris Howell, Ryan Breece, AJ Catanzaro and Jett Lawrence. With their help I’ve been able to refine my technique and become a smarter, faster rider. I’m working to apply this technique at the races and to better my results. 

Riding Goals

My goals coming into 2022 aren’t all focused on results. I want to use 2022 as a learning year to better my technique and knowledge of riding so that following my hard work I can begin achieving better and better results. As far as results go I’m trying to finish top 5 at every race I attend. I will be racing 3 classes in 22; 250 C, 450 C and College Boy. I’m looking to find success and confidence in these classes and better my race craft. In 2023 I want to be an established racer in the 250 C class and have consistent results finishing primarily on the podium. This will better my set up going into the following season where I’m hopefully going to race in the 250 B class. 

My long term goals are to qualify for a Washougal Motocross race in the lites class and race Seattle Supercross in the lites class. If I achieve these goals I’d like to attempt a full season of racing Supercross on the West Coast in the lites class. 

Competitive Highlights

MRP Arenacross- Schoolboy- 4th 

MRP Arenacross- 250 C- 6th 

9B Arenacross- 250 C- 6th