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Rider Updates

Feb 20 2022

First day back!! Feels like back to school but way more fun! Stoked with my set up for now, I think I’ll do very feel well next weekend in lewiston. I’m hitting lines that I wasn’t comfortable with at the end of last season and feel flowy on the bike. I’ve focused on body positioning and cornering primarily. My new Flo Motorsports Pegs helped me out with having a very connected feel to the bike and the streamline levers gave me even more control! Let’s come out swinging next weekend!

Jan 15 2022

Watching the first rounds of Supercross has me itching to go racing! I’m eager to get back on the bike and to have some fun throughout the week! My physical health is the best it’s ever been and my confidence is high coming into 2022! I’ve been training with Brian Marty since October and it’s changed my riding and fitness greatly! Bike is getting dialed in, just put on some of the best pegs in the game from Flo Motorsports and the most comfortable levers from Streamline! Looking to get some graphics later this month from Fusion Graphix to help represent the companies who chose to help me! Thank you to everyone who is backing my program my racing season would look very different without you!!

Dec 17 2021

Getting cabin fever already! Wanting to go ride and apply some new techniques and start putting everything together! Been training hard off the bike and I’ve been really focusing on my health this offseason. I’m super excited to be back with Risk Racing for 2022, can’t wait to go represent the companies and people that are backing my racing program!

Dec 4 2021

Today went really well at ECMX Park in Lewiston Idaho! Just went to get a few gate drops on the new bike and to put myself in a new situation where I had to adapt quickly. Impressed myself with my riding today, felt very confident in my riding and should be a sign that results will start coming! Had a close call today, cased a 101 foot triple and rode away from it! Other from that stayed upright and just focused on what I needed to do! Thanks again to all my amazing sponsors for helping me get through the weekend!

Nov 28 2021

Looking forward to the next 2 weekends of racing! They’ll be my final races of the season unfortunately but I’m still very excited! Starting to plan for my 2022 season, I’m going to be racing in Washington, Idaho and Montana in the 250 Junior class, 450 Junior class and potentially Schoolboy. My plan is to race mostly Arenacross/Supercross and race Motocross on the weekends where there aren’t events in those aspects. Currently looking at around 12-15 races if everything works out! Hopefully I’ll be racing my first full race series! Super excited to work with my sponsors again next season! Huge thank you to Matrix Concepts and Streamline Brakes for helping me out this season and getting my setup dialed in!!

Oct 13 2021

It’s been a great week on the bike, still getting used to it a little bit. I’m super excited to see how next season goes on this thing! Hopefully I’ll be racing in either Montana or Washington in December for an indoor Arenacross series or just an individual race.

Oct 6 2021

Just picked up a new 2021 yz250f from Seattle. Looking forward to getting out and riding it soon! Thanks to everyone who’s helped me this season and made it possible for me to go racing and riding!

Sep 27 2021

Ride day out at Airway Heights MX went really well I rode 2 classes and just worked on finding my feet again. I worked on my technique and did a few 10 minute motos. Going to the Fossil Bowl this Saturday for my birthday so I’m excited to get some more seat time before the weather changes!

Sep 25 2021

Today was my first day back on the bike since August when I crashed and injured my knee. I feel really good on the bike and have all my confidence and comfort I had before. Tomorrow I will be out riding at Airway Heights MX for the first time just to get back on a public track. I’m very excited to see what tomorrow brings and what the rest of my season will look like! 

Sep 14 2021

Got some super exciting news from my physical therapist yesterday, I’ll be able to be gone riding and training regularly again in 2-3 weeks pending on how my body responds. I can’t wait to getting back to doing what I love and be able to represent all the amazing people and companies who have helped me out through all of this! Not sure if I’ll be hitting races before winter but I’ve got a special race coming up in December/January. 

Aug 25 2021

Update on the knee injury... we got the MRI results back on Tuesday and removed the stitches in my knee. I ended up tearing my LCL and meniscus partially and broke a small fragment off of my tibia. I will not need surgery but I’ll be in physical therapy for a few months. Looking forward to the recovery process and getting back to racing again soon!

Aug 20 2021

Going in today for an MRI, my Doctor believes I tore a ligament in my knee so we just wanna get everything checked out and confirmed. I have a small fracture in my knee as well. I’ll more than likely end up with surgery on my right knee. On the flip side I’m picking up a bike next week and if I do get surgery my knee will finally be strong again, after last season tearing my MCL my knee never fully recovered and I could tell when I rode. Excited to get back to 100% and to have a new bike to go racing on!

Aug 14 2021

Well I’ve got some mixed emotions about tonight’s racing. To start off practice and my heats went amazing felt super good all day and was just working on my starts to dial in my racing. In my first main event I went down in the whoops 2nd lap and wasn’t able to finish the main, little did I know I had a hole in my knee from the foot pegs. We lined up for the School Boy main event and right off the start got tangled up with one of my friends and ended my night. Got 6 stitches in my right knee from the first crash and a little road rash. Glad I’m doing good and still able to walk, going to be taking a break from training to let everything heal up. Huge thank you to everyone looking out for me on the track and thank you to the track side medics for helping me out!! Looking forward to my next race!

Aug 13 2021

First night of racing is finished for CDA Arenacross! I rode very well and was able to hit some fairly big lines, hit the Supercross triple they had and was able to finish 6th in my main. We had a couple riders crash out but it was an 11 man gate. For me finishing where I did was a huge confidence boost, I hit my gate on the start causing me to start way behind everyone else. I gained some good ground on the riders ahead of me and got rewarded a position due to a riders crash thankfully everyone in my class came out safe. However tonight was a hard one emotionally, one of my friends and role models Brian Marty crashed in his 250 pro main event. He was unconscious and left in the ambulance. I do not have any updates at the time but my prayers and thoughts go out to his family. Last we heard was that he was awake and talking, hopeful that he isn’t injured too bad and he won’t suffer any major side effects from the crash.

Aug 13 2021

It’s finally race day! Very excited to see where we place tonight! Confidence is high and it will show tonight! Huge thank you to all the people that have helped me out this season and thank you to all the companies that have given me support with out you guys we wouldn’t be racing!

Aug 11 2021

Been training hard this week for MRP Arenacross, had a few people out to my track and did some motos and got some good seat time. Feeling confident for this weekend and excited to see how I place.

Jul 26 2021

Well I was getting really excited to go race some Supercross this weekend but my family and I made the decision to not go racing. The weather is going to be miserable at 106 degrees with smoke testing in the valley where we’ll be racing. I don’t want to take any risks and racing in that weather isn’t ideal at all. We are looking at a few other races that are closer.

Jul 20 2021

Getting close to Lewiston Supercross! I’ve been able to ride and train more than I was before my other races. Building up more confidence each and everyday I’m on the bike, finding new lines, dialing in technique and getting the bike set up properly! I am very excited to be wearing Flow Vision goggles on the weekends and throughout the week while training. Very thankful for the support from them! Thank you to Works Connection as well, very happy to have their parts on my bike, and to get support from them also!

Jul 10 2021

Racing and training on the track went really well today. Felt amazing in my heat and practice session, was able to hit all the jumps and sections the way they were meant to be hit which is huge for me. Main event time rolled around and my gate wouldn’t drop, still was able to make a few passes and finish the night in 9th. All part of racing and can’t complain that I’m coming out healthy with a good learning experience. Huge thank you to all the companies who have helped me out, super excited to be getting FXR racing gear next week! Hope I can represent on the weekends!

Jul 9 2021

Race day is tomorrow! Will be riding with Ryan Breece and Chris Howell in the morning then going on with the day! Feeling confident in my riding and bike setup, thanks to Coeur D Alene Powersports and Specialty Marine and Recreation for helping with parts!

Jul 3 2021

Finished up racing for the weekend! I’m happy with how I rode today, results just weren’t there. I was happy to stay healthy and safe today, working with Ryan Breece is really showing I can’t wait for Saturday!

Jul 3 2021

Race Day Update! Came in 3rd in the qualifying race, there were around 10 people in the class. Huge confidence boost for the day, only my second race ever. Hopefully we can get it done tonight!!

Jul 3 2021

Race Day Update! Came in 3rd in the qualifying race, there were around 10 people in the class. Huge confidence boost for the day, only my second race ever. Hopefully we can get it done tonight!!

Jul 2 2021

Training went great today for me, the track isn’t really ideal but it’s going to make for some good racing. But more importantly we had a bad crash happen in warm ups, I believe his name is Trevor. He broke both wrists and more than likely has a major concussion. Prayers up for Trevor, it’s hard to see things like this happen. Let’s all stay safe tomorrow and have a good day of racing.