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Personal History

Hello my name is Ethan Stout. I ride a Kawasaki Kx 85. My favorite thing to do is race motocross and some other things are just plain ride dirtbikes,hunt,fish,bmx,play baseball,basketball, and football. Riding is in my blood My family on both sides have rode dirtbikes and fourwheelers all their lifes and I started when I was three. My first bike was a jr 50. I have been through four dirtbikes and two fourwheelers since then and even though I've been through some bad wrecks I still love riding! I go to Industrial Junior High and I am in the eighth grade.

Well thats a little bit about me so I hope you've enjoyed!

Riding Goals

My main goal this year is too one win all of my races of course but mostly win the area qualifyer and winning the Regional Championships then if I do that I will go to Lorreta Lynn's and hopefully win that so I will have a bright future!


Competitive Highlights

My first race I got the holeshot and got first! Then my second race was the USA Championship race and there were three races in the whole thing. I got the holeshot on all three races and won all of them. So far thats all the races that I've raced but I hope I will do the same later on!