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Personal History

I’m Ezra Dover from Clarksville Tennessee, I’ve been racing MX on bike and quads since January 2020. I’m very competitive and love being out front, but I always have fun first. When things don’t go my way, I put my head down and do all I can to go faster and be better.

Riding Goals

Goals for this season are to run all of TMXA series, along with qualifying for Loretta’s E limited class and attend a few ATV MX National races before moving on to the Western Kentucky Arena cross series in the fall.

Competitive Highlights

2020 TMXA series:

2nd overall 50cc 5-8 quad

2nd overall 50cc 4-6 bike


2020 western Kentucky Arena cross series:

1st overall 50cc 4-6 bike

5th overall 50cc 4-8 quad


2021 TMXA series:

1st overall quad 5-8 0-50cc

4th overall bike 4-8 open