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Personal History

Hi, I'm Jeremiah Feckers and I race Supercross, Motocross, and watch alot of professional of both as well. I've been riding since I was 6, and started racing at age 7. Being from Iowa its hard to race all year round, because of winter. However, I hope to overcome that this year by doing alot of indoor racing and hopefully, moving to phoenix, AZ in the late summer early winter. I am a ( A ) & ( B ) class rider and hope to make ( A ) rider ONLY status in the near future. As well, as become professional in the near years to come.

Riding Goals

Hope to make ( PRO ) rider status in the next couple of years, As well, as become professional in the near future.

While I work on my riding skills in till I become am ( PRO ) rider status I hope that all my sponsors help me to the fullest on my way there.

This year Im also hoping to finally get the "BUBBA" Scrub perfected so I can throw a good one down during the races to come.

Competitive Highlights

highlights of my motocross career, one , getting 2nd place in my first ( A ) class race, right off the bat., the best feeling to have in this sport.  

First time i ever Scrubbed as well as James "BUBBA" Stewart, it felt so amazing the way the bike comes back to its orignal position on its own.

Getting fifth place overall in points for the year in the ( B ) class at piercemotosports racing in 2012 , great feeling for a great year of racing.

Last, but certainly not least, just having the freedom to go as fast as you can go, with NOBODY able to stop or catch up to you, and getting that number one trophy handed to you at the end of the day.