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Rider Updates

Aug 29 2023

Racing Jordan Race track Friday. Super excited and can’t wait to ride my dirt scooter lol

May 26 2022

Hello to My Sponsors and Future Sponsors,

Been a great season so far, gotten in the top 4 so far this season. Just bought a buke from my buddy as you can see in some of the updated pics I uploaded. Love the bike and IO feel really fast on it, BEST PART... ITS ELECTRIC START. From now on when I crash or slide out, no more tiring kicking. just hit the e start and I'm good too go. still full of energy. Racing Millville Memorial day so I'm looking forward to that. hope the rain subsides over the weekend so the track is in prime condition for some Awesome racing.

Sep 19 2021

Been Racing great this year, Top 7 positions all year almost had 2nd a few times.Did better then 7th this year as well that why I said Top 7. Been a great year, and I cant wait till the indoor winter season starts.

May 28 2021

Well here’s an Update: I Ended up finding out I Broke my Back October Last year at Millville as I stated my last update thinking it was real sore wasn’t sure why. I was out of riding and Work for 3 1/2 Months. Now I’m back racin and So happy. Doin pretty good this year too. 

Oct 10 2020

Did Awesome practicing at Millville this Weekend. Didn’t need well though, last lap of Practice I over jumped the finish line by 5 maybe 6ft, bare in mind it wasn’t shaved down for amateurs since the Pro Nationals so it hurt like Hell! Tried to race the next day and just couldn’t. Doin better now but been sore for over a month now.

Jun 22 2018

Well did Great Racing on the 15th, and This Saturday I am going out to a Track for practice day to dial in more on my Turning as well as quick out of the turn to seat bounce a triple. wish me luck 

May 5 2017

Well I had a great day went to the races in Scott County did 3 hours of practice before the races,             started my first race got 4th in but something just didn't feel right with the bike. I go up to do my 2nd moto and notice before I start that I'm missing 4 spokes. So needless to say I did not get to race my 2nd moto and had to get  DNF. atleast he let me collect my points by walking it across the starting line. Oh well, there's  next race I guess. and ill be ready. Thanks to my new sponsors Flow Vision, Factory Backing graphics, Twin Air, Motool, Ride Engineering, O'neal, Ryno Power, Torc1Racing, Streamline Brakes and Controls, etc..  my bike will be in tip top shop for next race. Cant wait. You'll see... Scott County Raceway here I come. 1st place...      I'm comin for yuh.   Thanks again to all my Sponsors for the support.

Sep 14 2013

Great day at the NCC national cattle congress races. I got started out 1st in open (C) but finished 4th. Then in 14/24 (B) I started 3rd and finished 5 th overall, enough to get me a trophy though. Awesome end to the year. 

Aug 29 2013

Sept. 14th 2013 Cattle Congress Racing, last race of the year there, and im going, guna tear it up. As Jeremy Mcgrath would have said EAT.SLEEP.RIDE

Jul 11 2013

Cant decide where to ride this weekend, Arkansas track or race cattle congress. probably gunna be Arkansas track. Need to ride in new places to racings easier, AND I DONT get used to thw same old track.

May 21 2013

Well, raced cattle congress this weekend and it sucked, my ankle and foot were sprained so i rode horrible because i took pain killers before i raced , and so i was drowsy the whole time. I guess better luck next time. On the bright side i was TOP (5)  in the ( C ) class last year. So safe to say im changing my number to five. Repping the Lorraco and Dungey numbers.....  HELLL!!!! YEEEEAAH!!!!!!!!

Apr 5 2013

Heeeelllyeeeeyah!!! Got that flip buy a scrub dialed. Timed to do it in the races. First race, to do it will be newhartford, I jus cant wait. HEEHEE!!!!!

Sep 16 2011

newharford this april and cant wait! gunna win on my new 2013 crf450


Jul 30 2011

Yes finally they brung it back and this day im racing there and cant wait