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Personal History

I started riding 4 years ago. Started out purely as a weekend warrior. I am a member of a local motocross group in Chicago and I co-organize a motocross series that we host every year. We have 5 rounds, the first and the last at Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut, IL and 2nd-4th at Ki Tracks MX in Oregon, IL. We have roughly 60-70 riders at every round and even more guests that show up to spectate. 

You will not find me in any score sheets at AMA races leading a column but I feel comfortable to say that I have more than enough exposure to the right people, namely other riders to help your brand. I am very active in the local Chicagoland motocross community. You will find me almost every weekend at a local track. I consider my home track to be Joliet MX as I live just 15 minutes away. 

When I'm not riding and sometimes even when I am, you will still see me at the track taking photos. I own a photography company that focuses on both weddings and sports. I take photos at the track and sell them through my website. (

Riding Goals

I am currently a Novice/Intermediate rider. You will find me regularly at my local track almost every weekend trying to proactively get better. I have no realistic hopes of making the A class but I am very motivated in getting better in both my skill and endurance.

Competitive Highlights

Chicago Dirt Riders Beginner Class Champion (2014)

Chicago Dirt Riders Novice Class Champion (2014)