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Personal History

My name is Franco Caputo. I’m 17 years old, born and raised in Calgary Alberta Canada. I started riding when I was 5 years old just around my acres and racing when I was 14 years old and been pushing myself to be better since as of now I’m a Junior rider and hopefully one day make it to the top. With all the help I can get to live a dream. Please help!

Riding Goals

My goal is to someday be a pro. In 2020 I’m planning to do more and more races maybe try some different events and a couple of Enduro and offroad maybe. I will be racing the open junior/450 junior on a Yamaha Yz450f and the 250 junior on Yamaha Yz 250f also maybe the 125 class on my Yamaha Yz 125.

Competitive Highlights

2019 Events/results
3-6-1 Summer Slam                                         Amsa Championship Series
(Alberta) 4th 250 Junior                                  (Alberta) 7th Open Junior
               5th 125 2 Stroke                                               10th 250 Junior
               8th Open Junior
Amsa Wild Boys Hara Scramble                  WRMA Super Fall Series
(Alberta) 1st Beginner                                   (Alberta) 11th 125 2 Stroke didn’t finish series 
                                                                                      21st Open Junior didn’t finish series
                                                                                      11th Open Junior didn’t finish series WRMA Super Spring Series                      
(Alberta) 24th Open Junior                          Triple Crown amature
                                                                        (Alberta) 10th Open Junior
                6th 250 Junior                               
2018 Events/results
Amsa Championship Series                           WRMA Super Fall Series
(Alberta) 32nd 250 Junior                               (Alberta) 10th 125 2 Stroke
              36th Open Junior                                              14th Open Junior
WRMA Super Spring Series
(Alberta) 12th 125 2Stroke
               1st Open Beginner