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Personal History

hi everyone! my name is gage,i 7yrs old and i love motocross. i only started riding on mothers day 2009 and now im ripping around all the cool tracks of the north east.when im not riding at either my home track {doublin gap}and getting schooled buy the awsome jeff yentzer,im at home ripping up my 4 acre practice track.i have a collie dog named nitro,and two older brothers,one who races also and one who dont.i love swimming and wrestling in the winter.

Riding Goals

well to start out i would have to say i want to beat my third over all of the 2010 season! this coming 2011 season we will run 2 huge series(mdra6 and mdra7)the two series start in march at the awesome buds creek MD track and run all summer thru November! i finished 3rd for 2010 and im going for 1st this year!!!so when your minni rider see's the 803 pull in and starts to cry ,he he he, i will be flying buy!!!! so come on spring i want to win some moto's

Competitive Highlights

finished 3rd in ultimate series points for 2010 season

3rd in track points at doublin gap mx park for 2011

moved out of the 50oil and into 7to8 class