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Rider Updates

Jun 28 2011

right now im currently 2nd in series points on my 50 and got two races on my race is back at budds creek ,ohhhhh yeah baby budds creek rocks

Jun 5 2011

May 29 2011

Mar 7 2011

Feb 21 2011

well i did it!i got to ride my new ktm65 at doublin gap!had a blast and never fell once!we rode all day sunday.i earned my ride too,before practice i drove the tracks kawasaki mule around and picked up sticks and dead trees to help

Feb 18 2011

man i cant wait!sunday is the first open practice at doublin gap!my dad and jeff yentzer will be tilling the track at 9am,and its always sweet! Im taking my 2011ktm65 only, so i can get seat time and practice my shifting!my dad has been making me do barrel racing at the local fair grounds where its flat,and man 3rd gear is sick!!dad has my ktm50 engine cases matched and everything is ported and new,he says my 65 will make me a batter 50 rider! well i may be learning the 65 but im kickin butt on my 50!!!!!!!!

Feb 4 2011

we want to thank everyone who is taking interest in helping gage and our team for the 2011 season.we are big on promoting our riders and sponsors.those of you (evo doublin gapmx etc)that were at the ultimate series banquet and seen gage recieve his season awards seen we are serious(our team sweat shirt has sponsor list on back and he turned around and they read them off lol)we will soon be making t-shirts with ALL sponsors on the back so watch for them.any sponsor who would like a shirt let us know! we are proudly sponsoring the mdra6 and mdra7 series this season so all your logos and gear will been seen everywhere!thanks

Jan 21 2011

Dec 31 2010

man o man santa came thru big time,he brought me a 2011 ktm 65sx!!!!wow

Dec 14 2010

Nov 3 2010

Nov 3 2010

Aug 26 2010

Getting ready for the race at dutchmens this weekend. Just had another lesson with Jeff Yentzer last night so im pretty pumped and raring to go. We worked on keeping on the gas through corners and leaning through them so i cant wait to see how i do.

Aug 4 2010

I had private practice tonight with Jeff Yentzer. We worked on braking and speed. I really enjoyed it and rode my heart out.

Jul 27 2010

Looking forward to practicing tonight. My brother is back on his bike after a broken collar bone so i cant wait to ride with him again.

Jul 24 2010

Didnt have a very good day. I was on my second lap and my bike overheated and to top it off we had a severe storm and second moto was cancelled. Dad and i will be rebuilding the top end of the motor so ill be back in the game next race. 

Jul 23 2010

Heading out today for a full day of practice at Happy Ramblers before the big race tomorrow. Its going to be a hot one today so i need to be sure to drink plenty of water.

Jul 21 2010

Just had my first lesson with Jeff Yentzer. We learned how to corner, when to sit, when to stand, when to gas. I learned alot. I absolutely loved it and I cant wait for my next lesson.

Jul 18 2010