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Personal History

I have been riding motocross since I was just 3 years old. I had a suzuki jr50 KTM adventure pro 50 a kx65 and now a yz250f. the reason i came from a 65 to a 250 was for 3-4 years I was off the bike and didnt seem interested. but in 6th grade i dreamed of riding/racing once again. In 7th grade i had to have straight A's for my dirtbike so i worked hard to maintain my grades at A's and got my 250f. I was born and raised in a Christian home and was in a private Christian school my entire life until this year. I have had a passion for motocross since i was in pre school but i wasnt able to fulfill my dreams because of my moms worries but now she supports me in racing.

Riding Goals

My goals are to work hard and try to get into the amature ranks and race in loretta lynns by hopefully next year. My goal for life is to become Professional in the AMA motocross/supercross series and hopefully ride for a factory team. But overall to have a blast riding my dirtbike. 

Competitive Highlights

My first race in january was at mesquite mx and i signed up for beginner class I accidentally run into a kid on the gate and puts me in dead last. 2 corners later i caught up to the field and pass every one for the lead i was about to win until my hub shreds to pieces out of a gravity cavity. I was fine but i was totally bummed at not getting a win my first race when i had it in the bag. My first race win was in saint george mx park nothing real special. My last race where i got 11 was because my friend had a better start off the gate than i did i was right behing hime when he came and accidentally clipped my front tire. I hit the ground get ran over ,break my front break lever, and my back fender was straight in the air i came off dead last passing one rider and almost getting another at the finish line. I still beat my buddy in the overall but still had a blast.