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Rider Updates

Dec 7 2020

So the 2020 season is over,

Finished 2nd in the MEHSA championship with 3 wins and several 2nd & 3rd place finishes.

Competed in a few races in the NCHSA series, with one win and a handful of 2nd & 3rd place finishes.


Im already itching for next season, I think I will try to hit a few winter series races in the southeast to keep up my bike skills.


Sep 21 2020

2020 - Focusing on the Mideast Racing series, its a more GNCC style series, more suited to a higher speed (which i like)

When i focus and keep up with my health/nutrition/training my speed & endurance has me capable of winning.

Its hard getting everything perfect on race day, health, bike, mental state, gear prep.. but i am getting the pattern down, Im following my routines and the results are showing.

Three 1st places in the last 4 races, a handful of 2nd & 3rd positions this season..

Trying hard to put myself in contention for the championship.

Sep 22 2019

Getting close to the end of my season, I have clinched 3rd place in my championship. Gotta push harder next year to move up the podium.

Jul 25 2019

Switched over to a new bike today, 2020 KTM 250 XCi..

Awesome machine..

Mar 28 2019

First race was 3-24-19

NCHSA Round 1 - Lost Valley Motorsports

I cant seem to upload video here, so I just linked it..

Finished 3rd after a bad start, bike performed flawlessly, I fought through some pretty serious arm pump, at times struggling to hold on. but overall an awesome race.

Dec 25 2018

Huge thanks to Oneal, My first 2019 sponsor, very satisfying to have support from a company whose products i am very familiar with and have used for some time.

With the support of great companies like Oneal, Hopefully I can climb a couple more steps up the podium this year.