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Personal History

Started racing at age 4 with my father on a quad ice racing in Colorado . And am still racing at 32 but have been on a birt bike for a long time. Have always worked to support myself and all my racing. Working on Colorado water sheds dealing with water and treatment out here in Colorado. 

Riding Goals

Riding goals are to be competitive at my age. Staying in shape and riding as much as possible while helping friends get fast as well as myself. Most important riding with my son soon

Competitive Highlights

Started competative racing motocross/supercross in Colorado in 2000 during high school. I raced the local SRAC series starting in 125C class and ending in 125/250 pro. Raced that series until the end of 2006. Have raced a few enduro races local and in WEBE series. Have raced PPIHC 2 different time here in Colorado. Have always been riding in the years I between and am starting to race competitive again in the vet pro class for SRAC and some local enduro races