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Personal History

I now ride two bikes a 2012 KTM 105 and a Honda 2010 150 R.I have road sense I was four and raced Since I was six. I race all the time and as much as I can,and I race with victory sports so if you want to see all my results they're there.I don't always win but I'm very consistent with top-five on my 150 classes are very competitive and race as hard as I can.I mainly have three buddies i race with and we constantly push each other to  race harder and faster.I also sometimes ride trails so I can hone my abilities and rough conditions, but I mainly ride on motocross tracks.I go to the track about two or three times a week sometimes four.I am in ninth grade and I have straight A's in all honors classes

Riding Goals

Win and race as hard as I can 

Competitive Highlights

I won all through my 50's and 65 classes and in the indoor series  I won my 85 9-15 class. Unfortunately I did not get to finish the hot summer nights series doe to injury.