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Personal History

I have been a riding since I was 4 years old and grew up on 3 wheelers and anything with a motor.

always had a passion for Dirt bikes but never got one until I was 17 a KTM380 twostroke that I learned to sand ride in local sand pits

dirtbikes died where I rode and took a few years off during college but always riding snowmobile every winter and riding my motorcycle when I wasn't working in the summer and picking up a few different bikes along the way to ride for a while and re-sell.

years later after a serious recovery after a dislocated neck and re learning to walk I decided to get back into physical condition and start working out and picked up a 2001 YZ 250 smoker.
After a year riding the local track and my skill level growing faster than I anticipated I went out and got a2014 KX450 continued to train and did my first EVER race of my life at 27 years old. I got 6th place in 6 motos I raced 2 classes 450C and OPEN. took the hole shot on my final moto.

My wife and my son are in love with the motocross community and were all prepped up and ready to start a long season of traveling in our toyhauler (40' Converted school bus) for camping and weekend events around the state Canada and possibly further.


Riding Goals

 My riding goals are to continually improve this season but ultimately want a 2nd overall finish in 450C and to place top 5 in 450B. along with racing at other tracks that do not interfere with my points standings.

Competitive Highlights

Taking a Hole-shot on my first ever race day of my life over 15 racers. Knowing I have many more to come...