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Rider Updates

Mar 21 2016

I have my hands full this year in the senior class but have 3 more years in so I'm happy with my results this weekend!

Mar 8 2016

Going riding after track practice!

Mar 4 2016

Going riding tomorrow at prairie harbor!

Nov 12 2014

Burr!!! It's so cold out! Can't wait for it to warm up and hopefully get to ride

Nov 1 2014

So it's been decided that I will be racing 85s next year, which means dad will get me a new bike!!! Come with the offer sponsors, need to know who to put on the new graphics:)

Oct 13 2014

Had an awesome weekend took 1st in 65 senior and 65 open!! So excited I've never rode so hard, proud of myself and so is my dad. We're trying to figure if I shou get an 85 for next year or ride 65 again???

Sep 18 2014

So this weekend is the hahn shootout! Cat wait! So excited to see the pros ride. Hopefully the rain stays away

Sep 18 2014

Riding was awesome last sat, practice corners and standing up more. We had the whole track to ourselves it was awesome

Aug 28 2014

going riding this weekend, have to get ready for the hahn supercross shootout!!!!

Aug 9 2014

Big thank you to ONE IND AND 661!! Love all my cool stuff! I'll post pixs soon!

Aug 5 2014

my dad ordered a bunch of stuff from my sponsors should get soon!! stoked!!

Aug 2 2014

Had a great day riding, the track was pretty sick. My dad helped me with shifting and knowing what gear to be in and when.

 Trying to upload videos but my htc1 isn't great should've got an iphone

Jul 30 2014

Finally get to go riding Saturday!!! Plan on working on my turns and standing up more