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Personal History

I am six years old, and started riding in the Spring of 2017, I am currently riding a 2018 Cobra P3, and a 2018 Cobra CX50FWE. This year I had the chance to attend Jimmy weinharts training Facility, and I was able to learn so much.  I have shown great progress in my riding ability, and every time I get on the track I get better and better. The reason I started riding was because I watched a Motocross race on tv and was hooked. My favorite rider is currently Ryan Dungy even though he has retired. My father takes me to the track every chance we get. He usually takes me once a week for practices and we always make my races on the weekend. 

Riding Goals

My riding goals are endless due to my age, but my short term goals is to qualify for Loretta Lynn in two years with the goal to win the race, my long term goal is to be like my favorite racer Ryan Dungy. 

Competitive Highlights

Last years racing season was a huge success for me. I continuously got better evert time I got on the track. Towards the end of the season I was finishing in the top ten, and mostly in the top five positions. I missed some races towards the end of season, due to family reasons. I was able to finish the season 15th out of 63 in the SS Class, and 20 out of 107 in the trail class. I will be attending a training facility this winter to sharpen key skills, and make my self better for next race season.