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Personal History

I have been in love with dirt bikes since I was two years old. I would watch every race I could on the tv and play every video game that I was able to get. Growing up, my family did not have the money to buy me a dirt bike and take me racing like i had dreamed of. I am new to this sport, but at the same time, I have been involved for a very long time. I would go to all of the local races growing up and support my friends that were racing. I would hang out with them in the pits and watch the older guys race. I did this out of sheer love for the sport and for the hopes of someday having a bike of my own and being able to race it. 

Throughout school, I always had good grades along with playing at least two or three sports at the same time (baseball, basketball, and football). In high school, I had a cumulative GPA of 4.6 while perfroming on the fields and court. We won two state championships in baseball in the AAA division (highest in WV),and I am on a scholarship at the University of Charleston for football. I am in nursing school where I carry a 3.78 GPA and graduate in May of 2023. 

In my freshman year of college in 2020, I started working and saved up enough money to buy my current dirt bike i have now (2019 Honda CRF250R) from my friend. I started going to tracks to their open practices just to get the feel for it and fell in love all over again. After about a year of going to practices, I decided that i was ready to race. I only raced in two events and then I had a crash where I broke a couple ribs and had a banged up hip and shoulder. Once I was healed up, it was time for me to get back in the groove of school and football so I hung it up for the year. 

I am excited to see what the spring and summer of 2022 have to offer and would be greatly appreciative of any sponsorships that would be given to me.

Sincerely, a broke, college kid in nursing school,

Grayson "Ridge" Lester

Riding Goals

My goals are to just grow as a rider and try to perfect the technique. Speed comes with smoothness and that is my main goal at the moment. I want to get better and start going to big regional races and if everything goes well, maybe even try to qualify for Loretta's in the future. 

Competitive Highlights

  • 1st place in 250C in my first ever race with 14 on the gate
  • 2nd place in the Collegeboy class with 10 riders.

Like I said in my personal history, I only have two races under my belt due to a mid-summer injury, but I plan to hit the ground running this spring.