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Personal History

My name is Greenlee. I am 8 years old and am going to 3rd grade. I have only been riding my dirt-bike for about a year.  I started out on a Pdub, then got a Cobra Jr, then my mom and dad got me my new Cobra FWE. (I hit a big growth spurt). I have finished an indoor season, and am now working on my first outdoor season. 

I want to ride because my daddy used to race. He was very good. I like when my dad and baby brother practice with me because I get to spend time with them and still be doing what I love. 

I am a giant ball of energy. I wake up and go to bed with the most energy my mom says she has ever seen. 


Riding Goals

Since I got my new bike, I am much more comfortable. 

My parents got me a trainer this month. I am very excited to see how I improve from the trainings. 

I have ZERO issues going fast, I just have to remember to trust myself. 

I would also eventually like to attend a Loretta qualifier to see how well I could do. 

Competitive Highlights

I just finished my first indoor season and got 3rd in overall points. 

I also got my first ever 1st in qualifying and first ever 1st in a race! 

For outdoor, I am racing with a lot more kids. I am working hard and trying my best in every race!