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Personal History

I am a 17 year old that loves to enjoy life. I ride my motorcyle as much as i can, which is about twice a week, and love every minute of it. I struggle alittle bit with money and supporting myself in riding so im out to look for some support from companies. I would love any little support i can get. I wont let you down and i will advertize your company at the track and spread the word of your products. Thank you for looking and i would love to here from you.

Riding Goals

Well there year is almost over so ive decided im going to spend the rest of the year training and riding as much as i can. When the new year comes around i plan on riding the local series throughout the year. I plan to ride 250f intermediate. My goal for the 2009 year is to race the world mini and do well.

Competitive Highlights

I havn't competed as much as i wanted to this year. I have been riding almost every week and training and i plan to make 2009 a year to remember.