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Personal History

My name is Greg Palladino I'm 22 yrs old and I am currently employed at BMP as a welder that builds coal barges in Brownsville, Pa. In highschool I played football and baseball and won/got alot of awards and acomplishments in both sport. After highschool went and played baseball on a scholorship at Potomac State Univesity and then transferred to Penn State Fayette a local branch in my area. I've always had the urge to ride and race but never had the chance to do it. Now that I have been riding and racing for a couple years I wish I would have done it before.

Riding Goals

My goals in 2009 are to find some property to build a small track and a place for a kicker ramp I am building this winter. Also to attend more races. It was hard this past year because of some difficulties with transportating my bike and having the funds to race everyweek. Now that I have a trailor and a good paying job I will hope to attend more.

Competitive Highlights

I really don't have alot of highlights. Like I said I haven't been racing along time but there is one that I will remember. I went down in the 1st turn, and was in the 9th position when I got up. After getting my bike started I end up fighting back to 2nd. Final lap some down from a double and end up colliding with another racer causing my exhaust to get packed with mud and not letting my bike start. I had to push it across the finish line and placing 13th.