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Personal History

I’m Haiden Hendrickson, I will be 17 in just a few weeks. I was born in Oregon where my dad grew up and mom lived for many years. We moved to Wright Wyoming when I was 2 and have been here ever since. I have a brother who is 7 years younger than me, and I am hoping to get him into racing. He is extremely shy and struggles with the attention and crowds that come with any sport.
My parents often tell me that when I was a baby the only thing that would get me to stop crying was motocross videos and techno. So, my love/obsession literally did start the day I was born. I didn't watch a lot of kids shows growing up, I loved my Dirt Bike videos. We would dig into the $5 bins at Walmart when we went, so I had a pretty good collection. And why would I watch Paw patrol when I could watch Nitro Circus, I even got to see it live in Billings a few years ago.
I got my first full set of riding gear for Christmas when I was 3, so I could really get into riding Power-wheels 4-wheeler and Dirt Bike. I would spend hours a day on the 4-wheeler practicing how to wreck properly and master the dismount. I even drove it up the side of a house just to see if I could. The wreck and landing were flawless. The only toys I ever had or played with were dirt bike and monster truck toys. I was obsessed. Everything was about Dirt bikes. My Grandpa bought me my first bike at age 5. It took me a few months to actually start it and ride it. While I was working up the courage to ride it, (apparently training wheels weren’t an option in my family), I would sit on it in the garage with my boots on and bike started of course and I would practice my freestyle tricks, I was really good at tricks, ha-ha. The day my dad let go of the back and I rode it that first time by myself, I knew that was it, this was my life. Every summer my family goes on a lot of really long rides in their RZRs, usually 4-6 hours at least and shorter rides in between. On every one of those rides, since I was 6, I was there on my little 50cc, riding right there along with them, through some pretty sketchy terrain in the mountains. I was with them every single time and still go to this day.
I competed in my first race in 2014, I was 8. I finished 3rd overall. I didn't really race again until recently, I was more into enduro since it was what I knew. I have always known though that one day I wanted to be PRO Mx. When I turned 16 and I was able to get myself and my bike to the nearest track anytime I wanted, I signed up for my first race. I am still learning the techniques and all the do's and don’ts of racing, but I have a gang of people to help and teach me and I have a membership with an online academy where I am learning more and more every day from MX Pros. My family is extremely supportive and have done everything they can to make this all happen. My first 2 races were on a 2004 Yamaha YZ250F. I loved that bike, I struggled racing with it and if I dumped it, it was all over. I don't come from a wealthy family, so just going out and buying a new bike isn't an option. After watching my second race, my uncle FINALLY gave in after 3 years and offered me a deal and traded me my YZ for his 2015 KX250F. The KX is completely stock and needs some tuning and adjusting but it has hardly been ridden and doesn’t even have close to 100 hrs on it. I am so much more comfortable with it and so much more confident in my riding. I had just sold my KLX140 in February 2023 after having it for almost 5 years!! So I felt like I was at home on Kawasaki.
I am ready to go 100% every day. It’s my time now and I am not gonna let it pass me by, I am going for it, all the way.

Riding Goals

To continue improving and perfecting my technique and skills. I want to be able to compete at Washougal and/or Lorretta Lynns within the next 2 years.

Competitive Highlights

MORE OF AN UPDATE - But its kind of a highlight for me. I Made it through my first wreck!! I have been practicing for it my whole life. I used to practice wrecking on my power wheels and 50cc so I master the perfect dismount! I guess I didn't prepare for flying over the handlebars after landing a jump. I was at an arenaCross Race on November 10,   I seat bounced on a double and thought I had enough momentum to hit the next one but I bottomed out and went over the bars and landed directly on top of my head, and as my mom says "Ragdolled" across the track. So did my bike. My buddy was picking up pieces all over the track. Mom claims that it looked like I snapped my neck. She is a mom though so well take that with a grain of salt, haha. Thank God I was wearing my neck brace or I could be telling you a totally different story Anyway, while the addrenaline was still strong, I thought I was fine and I was ready to fix my bike and get back out there for the next race. I was pumped! however, By time we got to the local motosports store, I was starting to feel it so I decided my day was done. A few days later, I had lots of xrays and all was good just sore and lots of bruises, but I had a bruise on my side and then I starting peeing blood so my Doctor (My moms Boss) sent my for a emergengy CT to check for kidney injury, Instead they found I had 2 compound fracures in my mid/lower back and also another 2 cm Kidney stone ( my 4th in 10 yrs). So I am out for a few months while I recover from surgery. Then Ill be back and ready to