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Personal History

I'm 11 years old and I love to ride. I've been riding for about 4 years. I'm an honor student at school. I love to read and draw. I have a twin brother Mark that rides as well. He gets mad because I'm better at corners....corners for dough, jump for show. I have great fun in the sport and hope and pray to continue to ride and race for a long time. I'm a good kid and love my family more than anything. We have a trailer that has a large garage so we load up the bikes and go ride different tracks. Every year for Thanksgiving since we have been riding we hit the road to camp at a new track and ride. I still have long blond hair that my dad thinks I should cut...likes that's going to make me faster...I just deal with it...peace...see ya at track

Riding Goals

I practice a couple of days every week and race or ride on the weekends.. I'm going to continue to train with my trainer Kyle Williams and become a faster rider. My goal is to win Loretta Lynn's.


Competitive Highlights

I raced at Loretta Lynn's this year in the Girls 9-11 and hope to race there again in 2014 in the Girls 9-11 and win.

Just recently I was racing...I just had training the day before on taking the inside. So at the race I decided to give it a shot. I passed a girl on the inside...then I was able to keep her at bay... I took the insides in all the corners...she noticed last lap what I was doing and tried to take the inside on me...but I got there first...powered up and beat her to the was great racing...