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Rider Updates

Mar 15 2009


my oi race i fell twice one time on the 1st lap i fell and the bike was on my waste and the corner worker just stod there didnt even try to help me up and there were no bikes coming then after about 20 sec she helps me at that time i was in last like a min behind then the last lap i fell agian but got back up ended up 4th, then my second moto i WON!!!



the 4-6 stock class i got really sick b4 the 1st moto i hadent eatn in to days my trought and head were hurting i ended up with 8th the 2nd moto i was doing really good 8th going into turn one 4th going up mini mountain 2nd and 3rd right in front of me gainin on them then i had to go and crash hard flew over the handlebars head first then started flipn that was on first lap stayed down for a good min and ended up getn 2nd to last. it was a bad week but i got a moto win so i guess it was ok, for my first national!