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Personal History

The name is Hawkins Campbell, but everyone calls me
Hawk because I love to FLY. I’m 6 years young (AMA 5). I have always been a fearless kid who just loves to have FUN. Everyone says I have the, ‘eye of the tiger.” I’m a jokester, always laughing and sending out positive vibes. I Love MOTO but also have a blast racing my Polaris RZR 170. Moto is my #1 right now, racing is cool but you can usually catch me riding and having fun with my moto buddies in my own backyard (CAMPOUND) here in Temecula. I want nothing more than to represent your company! 365 days= 365 Opportunities!!!

Riding Goals

 Catch as many gatedrops at AMA events, local races & Rad events around the US
 Keep striving to get better and faster
 Excel in school, EARN to RIDE
 HAVE FUN!!!!!
 Represent my sponsors proudly
and humbly
 Use the rest of the year and all of
next year productively in the 4-6 class

Competitive Highlights

1/2018 RVMX CUP (4-6) Limited 2nd
1/1/2018 RVMX CUP (4-6) Special Limited 5th
2/4/2018 WORCS (4-6) 50cc OPEN 1st
4/7/2018 Loretta Lynn’s Qualifier (4-6) Limited 3rd
4/7/2018 Loretta Lynn’s Qualifier (4-6) Special Limited 1st
6/9/2018 Loretta Lynn’s Regional (4-6) Limited 3rd
6/9/2018 Loretta Lynn’s Regional (4-6) Special Limited 2nd
8/3/2018 Loretta Lynn’s National (4-6) Special Limited