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Personal History

My name is Hayden Plumley and I hail from a small town in Ohio named Vickery.  I'm 16 years old and this is my second year racing motocross.  I am the oldest of 6 boys.  I started racing motorcross last year on my YZ125 and had some pretty good success.  This season I moved up to a 250.  I started the season on a 2008 yz250f until my parents sprung and got me a 2017 yz250f.  The difference is mind blowing.  I had some really good races this year.  I took 6th out of 28 at the Morelands Mx Summer race series.  We didn't have as much time to race this year as we wanted, but next year is looking better.  Looking forward to next season!  

While racing and riding is important to me, nothing is more important than my family.  As I said earlier I have 5 younger brothers that I enjoy hanging out with.  We ride together a lot and I enjoy teaching them everything I know about riding.  They are my best buddies.  My family is very supportive of everything I do.  They are at everything I participate in to cheer me on.  My biggest cheerleader is my Mom.  She pushes me to be better and is proud of me no matter how I do.  I am truly blessed. 

Riding Goals

Even though I have a year of racing under my belt, my main goals haven't changed much.  I still want to potentially pursue a pro career even though I know it is a long uphill battle.  I think I've evolved a lot as a rider over the last year.  The things I struggled with last year have become a little easier as they are becoming more natural.  I'm not settling as I know I have a long way to get where I want to be.  I'm taking things one turn and one jump at a time.  I'm realizing the biggest thing I need to focus on now is my fitness.  Now that I have a new bike I have to elevate myself to allow me to run it at its full potential.  I will continue hitting the track as much as possible and racing as much as I can.  The 250 class has some pretty stiff competition and I'm ready to prove what I got!  Maybe I'll see you out there.   

Competitive Highlights

In my first season I had pretty good success on the 125.  Had a few firsts and several top 10 finishes including a 4th place showing in a 5 race series.  I only raced 3/5 races and still finished 4th.  I was really happy with that.  Stepping up to the 250 Class has been an eye opening situation.  I have a few top 10 finishes with my last race being a 5th place finish.  Been a slow start to the season, though I have time to improve.