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Rider Updates

Oct 30 2017

Hey Everyone, 

Well the 2017 season has pretty well wrapped up for me.  Weather has turned cold and with the addition of my new Baby Sister, we will not be able to travel until she's a little more settled.  Had some ups and downs this season.  Raced in some ultra competitive races this season and fared pretty well for the most part.  I think my level of fitness let me down this season and I start hitting the gym today.  Got the new machine so now I need to turn into a machine, LOL!  If I am able to attend any races over the winter I will post results!  Thank you to all my sponsors for the support this season, every improvement I make is a large part thanks to all of you!  I'm slowly chipping away the seconds and hope to come back stronger next year.  I'll update my progress in the gym as the winter goes on!  

Sep 13 2017

Hey everybody,

I'm all healed up 100%.  Feel like I'm riding my best again!  Stay tuned, got a race coming up this Sunday!!!

Aug 11 2017


It seems I didn't end up with a concussion.  I have a broken toe and am in a boot.  Looks like a couple weeks and I'll be back on the track.  Thankful to have the best protective gear available, I really believe it minimized my injuries.  Will post race dates and results as soon as they are available!

Aug 7 2017

Well unfortunately my race season may be cut short.  Had a hard crash on Sunday when I shorted a jump.  Ended up with a broken toe and potential broken shoulder.  Going to follow up with my Doctor and see what the verdict is.  Fortunately I think I dodged a concussion on this one.  Hoping to be back on the bike in a few weeks!!!  Just glad I walked away as good as I did!  I'll post updates as soon as I get them!

Jul 26 2017

I can't say enough about the quality sponsors I have.  It's really nice having access to such outstanding manufacturers.  I never thought that I'd ever have so much support in the industry.  I'm performing as well as I am thanks to all of my sponsors!!!!  When you have the best you race your best, so thank you to all of you who have given me this opportunity!  I will continue to work hard to represent you on and off the track.  Thank you all so much!

Hayden #314

Jul 7 2017

Super Stoked!!!

Well guys, mechanical problems went in my favor, my parents got tired of my bike acting funny so they went out and bought me a BRAND NEW YZ250F!!!!!  I can hardly wait to get it broken in!!!  See you on the track!

Jun 26 2017

Well unfortunately due to some mechanical problems my season has really just now begun.  Competed against some stiff competition Sunday.  In moto 1 I nearly took the holeshot and unfortunately got tangled up in a pileup and ended up10th out of 20 after starting in 3rd.  Moto 2's start wasn't as good and I found myself starting in 14th.  By the end of lap 1 I battled back to 7th.  I was set to pick up another place, when my front tire got taken out as another rider stuck it in tight in a turn.  I ended up in last but battled back to 11th.  Not how I wanted the day to go, but hey that's Racing.  Just glad to have made it out to the track.  Great competition and a great day of racing!!!  I'll be back on the track soon. Stay Tuned!!!


A special thanks to all my sponsors!  Looking forward to another season with all of you!

Nov 27 2016

Hello everyone,

Well the 2016 racing season has wrapped up for me.  The weather has turned cold, the bikes are getting torn down for maintenance and its time to focus a little more time on my school work.  After the bikes are done I will start indoor practice to stay sharp and will be hitting the gym.  Time to work on getting my body to the next level.  Ready to elevate my game and race harder and faster than ever before.  Thank you to all my sponsors for the support throughout the year.  It has allowed me to compete better than I ever imagined. I also want to thank the fans that cheered me on this year.  It keeps me motivated to perform to the best of my ability!  Next year will be exciting as I will be also be racing in the 250 b/c class.  Looking forward to racing next year and working with all my sponsors again!

Sep 10 2016

I was unable to make it to Delta for the races, lighting problem with our trailer.  Had no way to get the bike there.  Trailer is fixed and we will be back in Delta next Saturday!

Aug 24 2016

Unfortunately I will be unable to race this upcoming Saturday due to my bike being down for repairs.  Fork seal blew out in my last race.  Big shout out to MSR for getting my parts on their way!!  Will resume normal race schedule once repairs are complete!

Aug 17 2016

Getting fired up for my race on Saturday!  Stay tuned will have pictures and results posted ASAP!

Aug 16 2016

I want to give a shout out to all my sponsors!  I really appreciate your support and I'm looking forward to representing all of you!  Thank you all so much!