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Personal History

I started riding when I was 5. I had a JR50 that I would ride around. My dad used to race when he was a teenager so that is what got me into motocross. I started racing in 2007. I was 8 at my first race, it was on a kx60. In July of 2007, my dad surprised me with a kx65 and I raced that the first day I got and ended up winning the class I was in! I raced the 65 until I got my yz85 in 2010. I would race in the 85Jr class then I moved up to the senior class after a year on it. By then my dad had started racing again and he had just got a new 250, so I would ride that from time to time in the women's class. I would move up to the supersonic class and I would race that for a few years and I ended up going to Loretta Lynn's in 2013 in the girls 12-15 class and that is really when I started getting pretty competitive with motocross. I didn't do too well there but I did try my hardest. In May of 2014 I got my 150 and won my area qualifier and my regional for Loretta Lynn's on it. I would go to Loretta and be in the top ten until in the third moto my motor blew up. Then this year (2015) we went to Loretta's again and I was having bike problems my first moto. My second moto was great and my third moto I ended up going down twice but was able to still pull off a 13th.

Riding Goals

I want to get top 10 in the women's class at lorettas in 2016. To be able to go pro is my dream as well and hopefully I can achieve that goal sometime in the near future.

Competitive Highlights

2013- Loretta Lynn's girls 12-15; 32-23-16 for 25th overall.

2014- Loretta Lynn's youth regional champion in girls 12-16.

2014- Loretta Lynn's girls 12-16; 11-9-DNF for 15th overall.

2015- Loretta Lynn's girls 12-16; 14-9-13 for 11th overall.