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Personal History

My name is Helen Kaiser. I am currently getting my PH.D. in Cellular Biology and I hope to teach medical school when I'm done. I am married to Jacob Kaiser, and we have 3 dogs, 3 horses and 1 cat. We met and fell in love on the back of Jacob's motorcycle, and while I'd always wanted to ride, I'd never had an avenue to do it. 

Jacob proposed to me in 2017 with a Hayabusa. We spent our honeymoon at the tail of the dragon. Then around the same time he also got us a couple of dirtbikes. I started on a smaller bike, but I'm very tall, so I felt much more comfortable on his 450. I pretty quickly got upgraded to the Kawasaki 450. 

At first I told Jacob I would ride with him but he could race, but after sitting on the sidelines at one race I wanted in on the fun! In our area there aren't many women who race so I signed up for the open D class. I figured once I get good enough to beat people, I don't want anyone to say "it's only because it's women!". In my first couple races I only beat those who didn't finish, but I know I'm getting faster every time I get on my bike!

I am not a prodigy, but I represent 50% of the population, many of which haven't discovered motocross! I have a fun and can-do attitude, and I have been enjoying making friends in the motocross community in our area, and eyeing down who I want to learn from and eventually beat!



Riding Goals

My short term goals are to beat someone by being faster than them (Not just beating the DNF)

My long term goals are to win the D class.

I'm achieving these by learning how to ride on many types of terrain, especially mud and ruts!

Right now I've been practicing my form on the turns. 

Competitive Highlights

Over the last few races I have tackled some pretty horrible mud, and got a podium finish at Aonia pass on December 2nd!