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Personal History

My name is Hemi! I am 7yrs old. I've been riding since I was 2 and racing since I was 4. I love riding. I love racing! Nothing in this world I'd rather do! I'm very dedicated, focused and competitive! I have a great personality, everyone loves me! I hope to one day be a professional Supercross Star! One of my favorite riders is Ryan Dungey, Ken Riven, Chad Reed, Cooper Webb and Travis Pastrana of course!

Riding Goals

During this summer season I hope to dominate in both of my classes. The 50cc Open on my Cobra Sr and in the 50cc 4-6 on my Cobra Jr I will be racing in the TMXA series an competing towards Loretta Lynn's. I hope to practice hard an race as much as I can! I would also love to be sponsored by someone, it would be so cool!

Competitive Highlights

Over the last two years I have won lots of trophy's! I come to win! This last winter we did the Ohio Valley Motocross Indoor Series in Greenville Ky. During this time I raced at every race and practice a lot. Because of all that I won 1st place in both of my classes overall and at the banquet I should receive special awards! I won in the 50cc 4-6 class on my PW 50 against Cobras and Ktms. I also won 1at overall on my pw in 50 4-6 an 2ND overall on my cobra this past summer at TMXA. I also completed indoor with Mid America Arena cross getting 1at overall an 2ND overall! I was so excited! And now starting a summer series with Tmxa I am hoping to do the same, but most of all I just love to ride! Its my dream!