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Rider Updates

Jan 26 2022

Just getting back on MX Sponsor, cant wait to work with my sponsors to get my 2 brand new bikes all set up and win some races.

Apr 15 2019

Hunter has been putting some hours on the new bike.  Getting ready for the HCMA season to start on April 28th

Mar 12 2019

Hunter had a good weekend of riding at the Kalispell Areanacross.  He is starting to get a good feel for the new bike.

Jan 14 2019

Hunters suspension was sent off and redone by Pinnacle Suspension, should have it back this week. New graphics are ready to install.

Oct 13 2018

Hunter got a brand new motorcycle today.  Brand New 2018 Yamaha YZ65.  He is excited to be changing brands and ready to start training for next year.

Oct 1 2018

Season has been completed.  Hunter finished 3rd in the 65cc 7-9 and 5th in the 65cc Open Class.

Apr 19 2018

Been Doing lots of riding.  Looking forward to the HCMA racing series starting next weekend.  I loaded all the upcoming events.

Feb 22 2018

Suspension is back from Pinnacle Suspension, just need to ride.

Feb 2 2018

I removed Hunters suspension and sent it off to Pinnacle Suspesion to get it freshened up.  Looking to start riding soon and start racing in March.

Jan 25 2018

Well we have lots of snow in Montana right now.  Cant wait to be back on the bike again.  I plan on going to the Kalispell Arena Cross Mar 9-10 2018

Aug 25 2017

Hunter won his first 65cc race last weekend.  He was so excited.

May 30 2017

Hunter has healed from his broken Collar bone and is back riding.  I will start to post his results.

Apr 25 2017

Hunter had a mild setback this last weekend from a crash and now has a hairline fracture of his collarbone.  He will be out for a few weeks.

Apr 4 2017

Over the last Hunter was able to race the North West Region Area Qualifier at Horn Rapids.  He placed 7th overall with a 5th and an 8th place finish.  We will be competing at Washougal for the Regional Qualifier.

Oct 31 2016

Over the weekend my dad upgraded my 2009 KTM 50sx to a 2015 KTM 50sx.  Know time to start training.

Aug 16 2016

My dad just bought me a used 2015 KTM 65 sxs.  I am starting to learn how to shift and getting used to all the power.  I will be riding the 65cc open class and the 65cc 7-9 year old class next year.

Jul 19 2016

Well the HCMA Championship has been completed.  We had a great year and won lots of trophies.  Hunter finished 1st in the 50cc Open Class and finished 2nd in the 50cc 7-8 Class.  Next year Hunter will be racing the 65cc class also.  We pick up a 2015 KTM 65sxs tonight.

May 31 2016

Another great weekend of Racing.  Hinter went 1-4-1-2 in his 4 motos and was able to take the overall wins in both classes.

May 3 2016

Hunter had a great weekend of Racing this last weekend.  He won all 4 of his motos and had 3 holeshots.  He is solidly in the lead for the year end championships.

Mar 24 2016

Well, i have had 2 pretty good races to warm up for the season this year.  I finished 2nd in the Kalispell Arenacross after wrecking really hard.  I raced again last week and finished 2nd in the first moto after crashing but was able to get the 2nd moto win for the overall.  Hopefully I can keep up the streak.  The season starts in 2 weeks.

Feb 26 2016

Finally the snow is gone and I can start preparing for the 2016 Race season.  My dad has my bike ready and i should hit my personal 50 track tomorrow.