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Personal History

I am 7 years old, I live in Discovery Bay, California.  I am in the second grade and I have been racing my dirt bike for two years.  Each weekend I love racing and I race against kids up to 12 years old.  I work very hard practicing three times a week and love to see me getting faster.  I broke my leg in February of 2009 and was in a cast for six months.  As soon as my cast was removed, I started practicing and was ready to race.  My favorite thing is to ride my dirt bike!

Riding Goals

This year I would like to race at the National events and travel to new tracks.

Competitive Highlights

Motowest Memorial Championship  50 7/8  1st Place

Washougal Washington Nationals 50 7/8  2nd Place

CMC Series  50 7/8  1st Place,   50 Open  1st Place,    65 Beginner  1st Place