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Personal History


    My name is Hunter Mulvain and I am eight years old.  I live in the San Diego area (North Park).  I am in the Third Grade and attend school at McKinley Elementary School.  I have a younger brother named Dylan and he is 5.  He rides dirtbikes like me but is still in training wheels.

     I have been riding for about a year and started racing this fall.  My dad bought my Honda CRF50 in June 2009 and then a KTM 50 Pro in November 2009.  My dad made me use training wheels until the end of July.  He wanted to make sure I understood throttle control, using the brakes and shifting before I could take them off.  Now I am jumping hills and racing other kids on the track.

Recently, I started riding at Pala Raceway.  This place is awesome!  It is sweet getting out there and racing the other kids my age.  I also like working on my bike with my dad.  He teaches me different things and lets me help.  I like reading motocross magazines and watching races and Nitro Circus on the television.  Those guys are crazy!

When I am not riding, I like skateboarding and riding my BMX bike.  I also enjoy playing video games, putting together the huge Lego sets, reading and picking on my little brother, Dylan.  Dylan just learned to ride his back a couple of weeks ago so my dad is going to buy him a Yamaha PW50.  I can't wait to show him eveything I have learned.  It will be really cool riding at the track with him. 





Riding Goals

I do have a few goals for this year:

1.  I want to compete in every series I can

2.  I want to gain more experience on the track so I can become a better rider.

3.  I want to keep up my good grades so my parents will let me continue riding. 


Competitive Highlights

I am very competitive.  I like going fast.  I like getting "big air."  I am always looking ahead, picking my lines.  When I am riding at the track, I like to try and race everyone I can.  Sometimes, if I am ahead, I will pull off the track and wait for another rider just so I can race them.  I live, eat and breathe motocross.