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Personal History

I have been riding for two years. Motocross is definitely my life I love being on the bike. I have an older bike but can still rip. Looking for sponsors for help on the 2015 year. I ride a lot with my family and friends. I always am practicing with my faster friends trying to keep there pace. And I sure am doing that now. I love watching the pros ride and I like to see there techniques and I try to develops some into my riding style.

Riding Goals

I definitely want to have fun with racing. But I am a very competitive kid and winning is something I wanna do. I want to finish my seasons of racing no less than top five. I work hard and I have always wanted to become pro and live a racing life. I know that it's tough doing so and I would love to put in the work to advance in racing. I just need a little help from some good sponsors.

Competitive Highlights

Not relayed to motocross but I have won three championships in football and have worked hard for every one. Im looking to do the same for racing. I have not done a complete season of racing yet due to how expensive it gets. But ifI had the chance to do a full season I would make something happen.