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Personal History

8 signs you're dating a gamer girl

When we meet someone for the first time, we don't know anything about them. We don't know their favorite food, color, or music. We don't even know their names. All we have to go on is our own impressions and whatever they choose to tell us. That's what dating is for; it's a way to get to know someone better. Through dating, we learn about another person's likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams. We also learn how to communicate and compromise with someone else. Dating can be frustrating, but it's also a lot of fun. It's a chance to meet new people and learn more about yourself in the process.

Riding Goals

If you're wondering whether that girl you've been dating is a gamer girl dating, here are eight signs that might give you a clue:

1. She's always talking about games - whether it's the latest release, a classic she's been playing for years at a 3d chatting game , or a new game overwatch dating game she's just discovered, she can't help but gush about her passion.

2. She's got a collection of gaming consoles and PC hardware - and knows how to use all of them.

3. Her social media feeds are full of gaming content - from memes to GIFs to screenshots and videos, she loves sharing her gaming life with her followers.

4. She has strong opinions on the best (and worst) games, developers, and genres - and isn't afraid to voice them.

5. She's always up for a game night - whether it's getting together with friends to play some multiplayer games or spending a night in alone with her favorite titles, she loves gaming with others.

6. She dresses up for cosplay events and attends gaming conventions - she might even have her own YouTube channel or Twitch stream where she showcases her skills.

7. She's not afraid to show her competitive side - whether it's playing games online or entering tournaments, she loves gaming because it lets her test herself against others.

8. She always has her eye on the latest releases - she knows all the upcoming titles, can tell you what's worth pre-ordering, and has her finger on the pulse of the gaming industry.

If you're dating a girl who ticks all of these boxes, then congratulations - you've found yourself a true gamer girl!