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Personal History

My name is Isaac Malan ,I grew up riding dirt bike and always dreamed of racing , the day I got my own way of transportation I was at every local race 

mx race, I have big dreams, I hope to one day make a living off of dirt bikes , that would be my dream occupation.

Been racing since 2020 oct , seem to fit in nice so now I have decided to put my all to this and see where it takes me .

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to be an A class / expert racer , I believe it is achievable do to my determination and skill set .

I want to eventually race nationals and for pro purses for NGPC .Ultimate goal it to make a living off of motorcycle.

Competitive Highlights

I’m a taller rider so whoops and sand rollers are one of my strong points . Also bike control Is Exceptionally well with benefits my cornering and overall riding and speed .I have plenty of year of riding and bike maintenance. Bike is always ready as long as me to go with it . Currently doing a fitness training program to stay up in speed for long gps  .