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Personal History

My name is Jack Imerese and I am 6 years old. 2014 was my first year racing but I have been riding since I was 4. I started off on the flat track and although I liked the speed it wasn't for me. My dad decided we would have to travel so I could do motocross. My family travels with me every weekend so I can race. I keep asking my dad to make my bike faster so hopefully during the winter we can do that. 

Riding Goals

I started catching air this past summer on some of the bigger jumps. I practice a lot because I want to catch air on all the jumps. 


I learned that it is better to pass on the inside, I like watching the big guys race so I can learn from them. My favorite part of the race is waiting for the gate to go down, then it's full throttle. 

Competitive Highlights

I raced 4 races for the Fall Classics and I won two 2nd places, a 3rd and a 4th. I am ranked 5th out of the 20 racers for the WNY Circuit. This coming year I will be racing every weekend and traveling more to different tracks.