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Personal History

I am one of those kids with natural balance and athletic ability. I have done competion trampolining (which taught me how to fall without always hurting myself), wakeboarding, snowboarding and snow skiing but my fisrt love is motocross.

I am an average student. I am much happier doing things rather than sitting in a classroom. But I do realize that eduction is not only a fact but is important to my future.

I am not a follower and never have been and never will be. I am confident that what I do - I do extremely well. I will not compromise my standards to make things easier or to fit in better.

Riding Goals

The goal in my heart - to be racing pro within a year.

The realistic goal - to make it to all the races this season. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap sport. My parents are divorced and my mom is doing the best she can. We have even taken the bike to the track in her mini van when none of my friends with trucks and trailers were going.

Competitive Highlights

This is the first year I have gotten to race and there are two events that stick in my mind:

The 1st Super-mini I raced (Trojan Raceway) I won both heats!

The 1st time I raced at D & D (85cc's), I came out of the woodlands, caught a rut and got flipped about 10 feet and the bike landed on me. I not only get up and finished the race but the 1st heat for Super-mini's was in about 10 minutes and I ran it and finished 2nd!