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Personal History

Hello my name is Jackson Luke  Guffey,
I currently live in SC and really enjoy life. I come from a very large family -1-brother,3-sisters, and oh yeah I forgot about all the German Sheppard & two English Bull-Dogs... So yes it’s pretty busy around the house but so much fun at the same time. I've played so many sports in school but when I first threw my leg over the dirt bike that was it bam Motocross.... As a whole the entire family loves Motocross and enjoys the environment and family fun. I hit our practice track at least 2-3 times a week and Race on the weekends. We currently have a great group to together and the race team is PNG MX Racing. We start this to give us a great way to support one another in the sport and have great fellowship. We ride & Race all over the Southeast and really would want to help market your products and keep this sport alive please send any cards, flyers, stickers, etc to help with your products when the team is at the track...

Thank you for your support

Riding Goals

Some of my goals would include, strengthen my body and mind to become a better rider overall each and every time I get on the track & off the track, to keep moving up in my class riding, always maintain respectable point standing in the races series, all to qualify for the Loretta Lynn's

Competitive Highlights

Winning the Champ 3rd place in the points for the TNT race series

You also never take away the all the first place wins and just the wonderful feeling when you come across the finish line taking the checker......

Love to turn the right wrist wide open


JGuffey #22