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Rider Updates

Oct 11 2012

I had practice couldnt race this weekend because I busted my front wheel I have been practicing on a crf 250r for the past week cant wait to get back on my bike. I am going to be racing at Muddy Creek Raceway next week though.

Oct 5 2012

We had a great time practicing this week @ the track and I might even race the 250 this weekend. I finally may get to move up a cc class now....
We’ll be at Cathy’s Creek to finish up the series with one more race after this @ Muddy Creek 20th.  It’s been a great series and I’ve learned so much and made so many new  realtionships.  I can’t wait to hit the arena cross next month. 
I recieved another sponsor this week 100% and would like to thank them for their support along with the new SLICK materials we recieved this week.
We’ll be trying all the new equipment on & off the track this weekend.  
I'm also looking forward to all the new gear & equipment my dad has orderd....
Thank again for all the help
I’ll be updating the race results when we get back....
Jack Guffey #22

Sep 27 2012

Had an awesome weekend @ Windy Hill MX came in 6th overall.....

I want to thanks all my sponsors for helping me and can't wait for the practice session today.

We also have a new trainer Lucis Helms working with us all weekend.....

Next race is Cathy's Creek Oct 6-7th I'll update you then...

I'm also looking forward to all the new gear & equipment my dad is going to order from our sponsors


Thank again for all the help

Jack Guffey #22

Sep 21 2012

I had a great day with our new Trainer Lucas Helms and working on our practice track all evening. I can't wait to take want I've learned and give it my best on the race track @ Windy Hill this weekend. I want to thank DeCal Works for my new graphics and helping support me. Also received my new Leatt neck Brace with their support.  I just picked up Vortex and can’t wait  to order the new spokcet from them.....
Again thanks for all the support  and can’t wait  to hit the race track this weekend.

JGuffey #22

Sep 19 2012

I wanted again thank all my sponsor's for all the support and help.  My second race after coming back from the injury and starting to feel really good again.  I'm working hard with a new trainer and can't wait to hit the track this weekend.  I wanted to thank my new sponsor Answer Racing and looking forward to the new gear 2013 to wear on the track....


Jack Guffey #22

Sep 14 2012

I can't wait to hit the practice track today and get ready for the race this weekend.  I'm going to hit our private track today and then work on the bikes this evening for the race @ Pro Sport.  I'm going to really push hard to finish in the top 10 this weekend. I want to thank all the sponsor's again and will make sure to show off the products and support again on the track.

I hope all of you have a great weekend.


Sep 7 2012

I can't wait until after school... Bikes are ready and packed up for the race.....

Looking to take first place this weekend at Muddy Creek. 

I look forward to the new parts and showing off the new gear plus graphics...

Thanks again to all the sponsorship

I'll be updating with photos and results on Monday.


Aug 30 2012

This week has been awesome on the practice track.  I've got my new Leatt Brace in this week and would like to thank them for their support and help.  I'm looking forward to hitting TNT this weekend to fine tune the bike and get ready for the race @ Muddy Creek....


Again thanks to all my sponsors for helping me and will keep you posted on this weekend.

Jack Guffey #22