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Personal History

I'm just a cool guy from a pretty big family. My twin brother and I started racing a loooong time ago, and we caught on very quickly. We now compete in the Florida Trail Riders series, which is the second largest off road orginization in the country behind the GNCC series. I was promoted to the premier class in '04, and it has been going pretty well. I am a very outgoing person, and I make itmy first priority to help those who help me.

Being bumped to AA came at a pretty lousy time, as I was a senior in Highschool, and just getting ready to turn my focus's from racing to education. I am still in college, but moved to a campus closer to home, so that I can race and go to school at the same time. I am a plumber by profession, a student by night, and a megaphone for sponsors at the track.

Riding Goals

My main goal for the upcoming harescramble season is to finish the 14 race series in a top 5 position. I will do my best to be at every harescrambler event, and on the off weekends, I try to go to one of the local MX tracks and race 250 advanced. I will ride any event if it means getting more seat time, and more promotion time for my sponsors.

Competitive Highlights

Whew, where to begin? My whole racing career I looked up to the AA riders in our series. I never imagined that one day I would be racing against them. All of my other races seemed uneventful until march of 04, when I highpointed. I had the race of my life, and starting on the 8th row in the B200 class, I beat all of the A and AA riders on my RM125, and was promoted the the AA class immediately.