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Personal History

Hi my name is Jacob H. I am 10 years old and in 5th grade. I live in Billings, MT. I live with my mom, step-dad, and two older sisters, Mattea and Tierra. My mom and step-dad have been my biggest supporters and take me riding as much as we can. I have 5 sponsors so far thanks to MX Sponsors! My mom has also taking around our town and I have been able to get some cash sponsors, so that has helped too. I also love to play basketball and football. One of the boys on my team, his dad found out I rode dirt bikes and now that is my nickname in football! 'DIRT-BIKE'

Riding Goals

I have a great love for hill climbing. I got my first dirt bike (PW 50) when I was 4 years. My mom and step-dad surprised me with it and I was so happy. My mom tells me I would go into the garage and just start it all the time. When they would take me out to ride for fun I would ride for hours and hours my mom would have to stop me to take drinks. My second bike was a Honda 50, I got my 1st place with this bike. I out grew this bike really fast. Then I got a KTM 65. Now I have a Kawasaki 85 that I really like. One of my goals with hill climbing is to just enjoy it and have fun and do my best and that is what I do. I want to continue  hill climbing for many years to come, it's a passion for me and I love it. My parents always tell me to just do my best and have fun with it and I always do.

Competitive Highlights

I want to accomplish more placements in the hill climbs. I have one 1st place and would love to have more. I am hoping to be able to ride in a few more hill climbs this years and get a placement in them. All I can do is my best and that is what I will do.


Thank you for your consideration,

Jacob H.