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Personal History

I'm 22 years old from Maple ridge bc (instagram : Flossy_films) I ride a 2015 YZ250f, born and raised on a dirtbike, first time on a bike I was 3 with training wheels I live for the passion and thrill of being out in the backwoods hitting some Enduro and going fast, if I'm not ahead of who I'm riding with I'm just not riding , so on another note I'm very competitive and I like to be the star wherever I ride, i live for the thrill of 5th gear pinned on my Yz rippn on the track . I grew up riding at my cabin in Kelowna BC riding in the rocky hills and muddy swamps, I'm a very technical rider and I'm only getting better .on the offseason I like to snowmobile and go out to the cabin and play in the powder, i love having different skills on different machines it makes you more comfortable when you enter the fresh season of MX with a nimble body and comfidence. I'm always learning new skills and different techniques, just gotta go for it and send it 100% of the time.

Riding Goals

My main goal that I will achieve with time and practice is to be ridding with the speed of James Stewart and the flow of Dungey. I want to see myself on the podium every race I enter, I want to be that guy other riders look up to. Being up with the top riders is a tall iceberg to climb but good thing I brang my ice pick !, I want to be up in the top standings for years to come and be remembered as a great, my goals are too much to talk about, let me show you my goals through my riding

Competitive Highlights

No competitive highlights yet. I'm very competitive though and will be in rat races and MX outdoor in the 2019 season. I want to be on podium every race I enter.