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Personal History

19 years old, work full time landscaping, been trail riding my whole life, current bike is a 2014 ktm 250sxf and recently taken up racing and was very impressed with my results and would love to further my racing but after my paycheck comes in and I pay for my personal I don’t have a whole lot to spend towards racing. Besides riding I also have hobbies such as hunting and truck pulling. I work 40+- hours a week depending on weather conditions. I have the third and youngest child of my family, but I lost my dad 4 or 5 years ago due to motorcycle accident.

Riding Goals

As said above, been a trail rider since I could walk. My family was always into motorcycles and and even though I haven’t ever owned a motorcycle the day I bought my first bike (ttr 125) I never looked back and have had bikes ever since. Didn’t get into racing until recently a friend suggested after he went trail riding with me. I take part in jday offroad. First race ever I placed 22nd out of almost 50 riders so I was very pleased with that and would love to keep pushing and even try out a few other events like netra and NY off-road 

Competitive Highlights

I did a lot of practice tracks before I got into racing. Have two buddies who are A class riders and one who races same class as me and first time on the track they were all significantly impressed in my riding abilities for never being on a track. I believe I have a lot of potential racing but my biggest setback is fighting arm pump. First race did 22nd out of almost 50 and my goal for next race is to break into the teens for both motos.